How Fast Is Your Website?

Published on: January 5, 2011 • Filed in: 10T Updates, Industry News, Page Designs

Let’s face it: when it comes to having a website, speed is everything. Slow websites get lower rankings from search engines and frustrate your potential customers.

So, just exactly how fast is your website? With all the factors involved, this can be a tricky question to answer. Vertain Software has a free website speed test that lets you see just how fast your site is from an ideal connection. If your page takes more than 6 seconds to load on this test, you should be concerned. If it takes longer than the 13 seconds the test is limited to, you have some serious problems.

And where exactly does a website from 10T Web Design check in? In two tests, our main page checked in a 1.30 and 1.62 seconds. To put that into prospective, the super-speedy Google home page loads in about 1.1 seconds, and the only somewhat slower Facebook home page loads in about 1.7.

Not too shabby.