Net Neutrality Win

Published on: December 20, 2010 • Filed in: Industry News

There looks like there will be a win tomorrow in the battle for net neutrality.  The Washington Post is reporting that the FCC is expected to pass rules tomorrow to prevent Internet providers from deliberately slowing down access to any given web server.  However, charging a premium fee for faster website delivery is not prohibited, although it would be “frowned upon.”

From the article:

The FCC’s proposal will receive support from a majority of the five-member commission, after intense lobbying. Telecom and cable companies have said that the new rules could deter them from expanding broadband Internet connections and bolstering speeds. On the other side, Internet giants such as Google and Skype, along with public interest groups, have for years pushed for such regulation, saying the increased importance of the Internet calls for clear rules to ensure that consumers get equal access to all legal Web sites and applications.

The article does note that wireless carriers are not as strictly limited by the pending rules.  Still, tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a pretty good day.