Rumer-Loudin, Inc.

Retro meets modern in this layout for Rumer-Loudin, Inc. Designed using their business’s color scheme worked into an Americana feel, the website is also completely responsive to look great on any device.


The front page features an image carousel highlighting features of the business, and a custom-built testimonial application allows for their customers to leave feedback on the service they receive, which can be reviewed before being published to the website.

Also part of their website are two customer surveys to gather customer information for new installations and existing service and repairs, and a feed where they can share the latest news from their company, which immediately updates their Facebook Page with the new post.

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Belmont County Auditor

Websites now need to display properly on a variety of devices. The Belmont County Auditor’s website adjusts itself to not only look great an all devices, but changes how it functions as well.

Belmont County Auditor

On large screens, the home page displays an image carousel with images taken from all over Belmont County; on smaller screens, the carousel goes away, allowing users to quickly find the information they need while on the go.

The page’s navigation adjusts to screen size, as well, with a top-bar navigation for big screens, and off-canvas navigation for smaller ones.

Monroe County Treasurer’s Office

As the first website the Monroe County Treasurer’s Office has ever had, it provides residents of the county access to forms, frequently asked questions, and provides a gateway to pay their property taxes.

Monroe County Treasurer

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Utica Shale RV Park

Utica Shale RV Park’s website features a hero image slider and off-screen navigation. It’s fully responsive to display on any size device.

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