Sheriff’s Office ‘Wanted List’ Featured

It’s a pretty good day when you see something you created featured in the local news:

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office is unveiling the county’s ‘Most Wanted’ list.

Sheriff Dave Lucas implemented a new feature on their website – a place where you can easily find who’s most wanted.

“Just go to Go over to the information tab, and you’ll find the wanted,” Lucas said. “And you’ll see a list of wanted people you’re looking for, and we’ll keep adding to that.”

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The Wanted List is powered by a WordPress plug-in created by 10T Web Design specifically for the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office. It allows officers to add pictures and basic information for people on their wanted list directly to their website, without the need to know anything about designing web pages.

It is one of several plug-ins we’ve created for their website, which we also design and help manage. Others allow them to list properties for their monthly Sheriff Sales and help to keep the people of Belmont County aware of the winter road conditions, both of which are managed by members of their staff.

Looking forward to continuing to work with the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, who have been a client of 10T Web Design almost since we came into being.

Belmont County Fair 2013

Had a great afternoon and evening yesterday at the 2013 Belmont County Fair Livestock Auction. We bid on several animals and bought a goat from Allison McIntire. Thank you, Allison, for all the hard work you put into your goat project this year, and also thank you for the gift package, especially the candy buckeyes, which I’m enjoying right now.

It really was awesome seeing so many local businesses out at the fair supporting the youth of Belmont County. It’s no wonder that this is one of our favorite days of the entire year.